managed dns outsource versus inhouse services

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When the internet began, it was a much smaller community. The participants were mainly academics and researchers well versed in the intricacies of dns.

In the infancy of the public internet, dns became the domain of specialised dns administrators. Every company had one or relied on consulting services from their networking providers.

In the present state of the internet, the earlier models no longer work well for many businesses. Especially for smaller businesses and individuals. Having dedicated specialists and hardware to run dns is just not feasible.

While the hardware can be had as long as the cost is bearable, the same is not true when it comes to qualified specialists. The supply of qualified dns specialists is not keeping up with the demand.

A managed dns service solves these problems. The skills, software, hardware and network are packaged together as a service. The service is then made available as a standard offering.

The managed dns service takes care of:

By using a specialised dns environment, the client enjoys better dns services. The services will perform better and be more reliable. The client servers are relieved from the load of providing dns services. Hosting changes are effected transparently and without interruptions in service.