A/B Multivariate Split Testing, Geotargetting and Geoip DNS

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Geoip DNS is an ideal adjunct to A/B split testing for ecommerce marketing and conversion research.

The underlying concept of multivariate testing is to present differing offers to visitors and record the results.

Many schemes of varying degrees of difficulty and reliability have been employed to deliver different offers to visitor segments.

However, geoip enabled dns can completely solve the segment delivery problem without modifying the underlying site or using multiple host names.

All that is required is the edgedirector dns global load balancing service and one ip addresse for each segment that must be delivered to the subject site. For A/B testing, two ip addresses are required.

The dns setup is to simply set each ip to cover a geographical region.

To address the question of whether the geographical region is responsible for any difference in the response to the offers, either of two approaches can be implemented.

The first is to switch the offers at each ip, or switch the ip for each geographical coverage group.

For more limited tests where it is desired that only small segments see the new offers, it is possible to set two smaller geographical coverage regions to the ip addresses that contain the new offers while leaving the majority of regions to view the original offer.

In short, geoip dns is an ideal way of delivering audience segments for A/B or multivariate testing without disrupting a production site, or requiring deep modifications to the site code.

Some of the top ecommerce marketing consultants use geotargetting in their conversion testing to obtain spectacular results, and now, you can too.

You don't need a new server, or more software, just geoip dns from edgedirector.

And finally, the failover feature can keep your site highly available. Remember, an unavailable site can't convert at all.