dns record types, query types, query classes, and response codes

dns query type reference - edgedirector.com

These enumerations of dns record types, query types, query classes, and response codes are presented as a convenience. Users should reference the relevant authoritative DNS RFC to resolve conflicts.

DNS RECORD TYPES A 0x0001 NS 0x0002 MD 0x0003 MF 0x0004 CNAME 0x0005 SOA 0x0006 MB 0x0007 MG 0x0008 MR 0x0009 NULL 0x000a WKS 0x000b PTR 0x000c HINFO 0x000d MINFO 0x000e MX 0x000f TXT 0x0010 RP 0x0011 AFSDB 0x0012 X25 0x0013 ISDN 0x0014 RT 0x0015 NSAP 0x0016 NSAPPTR 0x0017 SIG 0x0018 KEY 0x0019 PX 0x001a GPOS 0x001b AAAA 0x001c LOC 0x001d NXT 0x001e EID 0x001f NIMLOC 0x0020 SRV 0x0021 ATMA 0x0022 NAPTR 0x0023 KX 0x0024 CERT 0x0025 A6 0x0026 DNAME 0x0027 SINK 0x0028 OPT 0x0029 DS 0x002B RRSIG 0x002E NSEC 0x002F DNSKEY 0x0030 DHCID 0x0031 UINFO 0x0064 UID 0x0065 GID 0x0066 UNSPEC 0x0067 ADDRS 0x00f8 TKEY 0x00f9 TSIG 0x00fa IXFR 0x00fb AXFR 0x00fc MAILB 0x00fd MAILA 0x00fe ANY 0x00ff WINS 0xff01 WINSR 0xff02
DNS QUERY CLASSES INTERNET 0x0001 CSNET 0x0002 CHAOS 0x0003 HESIOD 0x0004 NONE 0x00fe ALL 0x00ff ANY 0x00ff
DNS QUERY TYPES QUERY 0x0000 IQUERY 0x0001 STATUS 0x0002 UNKNOWN 0x0003 NOTIFY 0x0004 UPDATE 0x0005
DNS RESPONSE CODES NOERROR no error FORMERR format error SERVFAIL server failure NXDOMAIN name error NOTIMPL not implemented REFUSED connection refused YXDOMAIN domain name should not exist YXRRSET resource record set should not exist NXRRSET rrset does not exist NOTAUTH not authoritative for zone NOTZONE name not in zone BADVERS bad extension mechanism for version BADSIG bad signature BADKEY bad key BADTIME bad timestamp