free usage credits programme

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free dns services credits

Earn free account credits by participating in our client referral programme.

Clients receive free account usage credits when they refer other clients to edgedirector. If a client refers enough signups they can actually use edgedirector services for free.

how it works
Clients receive credits equal to ten percent of the credits purchased by clients they have referred to edgedirector. They also receive an override of ten percent of the credits earned in the referral program by those clients as they are filtered up the referral chain. A participation incentive is given to the new signup by doubling their own free startup credits if the bonus code is present.

technical details
Participation is optional, but no signup is required as all accounts are automatically enabled for participation. The landing page url and unique identifier code is made available to each client in the control panel.

The landing page sets a thirty-one day browser cookie on a most recently seen basis. The signup page also accepts manual input of the unique identifier code.

Once a signup is complete, all future usage credit purchases by the referred client will result in bonus credits being credited to upstream sponsoring accounts. The receiving account must be in good standing at the relevant time, have made at least one purchase and have a current balance greater than 10000 credits. If the conditions are not met, the bonus will be bypassed but the account remains eligible for future bonuses. Bonuses of less than 50 credits are ignored.

Bonuses are credited immediately at the time of payment for usage credits.

Bonused credits completely equivalent to purchased credits and may be used for any edgedirector dns service including global failover, server monitoring, and sms alerts. As always, geodns/geoip are included in the base query credit.