managed dns application notes

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These application notes cover the applications or characteristics of the managed dns services available from

spf records for smtp

A number of major email services make use of SPF as part of their spam scoring mechanisms. Once the policy decision is made to offer a SPF response, it is imperative that the record be constructed using the correct syntax. more

dnsmadeeasy dns record listings

Some users have had difficulty obtaining a listing of their dns records for a domain from their dnsmadeeasy control panel. Viewing the records on screen and then using "send page by email" does not work very well because of the graphical elements. more

primary, secondary, master, slave and redundancy

DNS administrators mention terms like primary, secondary, master, slave and redundancy when talking about dns services. But, what does it all mean? more

a/b multivariate split testing, geotargetting and geoip dns

Geoip DNS is an ideal adjunct to A/B split testing for ecommerce marketing and conversion research. Geoip enabled dns can completely solve the segment delivery problem without modifying the underlying site or using multiple host names. more

managed dns outsource versus inhouse services

Correct dns design and implementation can be complex. But, good dns administrators are both rare and expensive. Managed dns services address both factors by providing expert guidance and specialist concentration. more

local load balancing strategies

Local load balancing promotes high availability of internet services. Implementation strategies may be based on software or hardware appliances. Local load balancing does not address network latency factors. more

global load balancing with enhanced dns

Global server load balancing retains all the advantages of local load balancing while also addressing network latency. GSLB creates a distributed network presence by utilising geolocation aware dns servers. Fault tolerance is also enhanced by adding server health monitoring capabilities. more

dns for hot standby, failover and failback

When your internet service must always be available, hot standby is your answer. The edgedirector managed dns platform helps you maintain 7x24 availability. more

ddos, dns and geolocation

DDOS, or distributed denial of service attacks can be mitigated using dns. This is because under most attack scenarios, the attacking machines find the host using dns. more

dns standards conformance statement

Interoperability of the domain name service is governed by specific IETF standards. This application note details the standards conformance of the edgedirector dns software platform. more

reverse dns records, standard delegation and classless delegation

Reverse dns records permit the lookup of the host name corresponding to an ip address. They are particularly vital to successful email delivery because reverse dns lookups are integral to many spam control systems.. more

name server glue records

Glue records are helper address records. These records permit the parent server of a domain to return the ip addresses of registered name servers as additional information in the name server referral process. more

dns traversal paths

The process used by dns cache servers to follow the chain of referrals to the authoritative dns servers for a particular domain is called dns traversal. There is a performance advantage in ensuring that the name servers are in the same tld as the domain. more

dns traversal performance

The depth of a dns traversal can have a significant influence on the total time taken to satisfy a dns query. Mismatching the tld extension and available name server names can exacerbate any existing problems. more

network latency, anycast and dns

Normal usage patterns and the structure of the dns protocol minimise the impact of network latency. In most cases, the difference between unicast and anycast implementation designs is minimal. more

network latency and footprint considerations

The speed of light is the limiting factor in network packet delivery. A further overhead in network delivery is the tcp handshake and tcp window size. The best solution is to move the content closer to the client. more

dns migration to

Migration of dns services to is a simple three step process. Create the required dns records using the web based control panel. Change the NS and SOA records on your existing dns servers to point at the edgedirector dns servers. Change the name server setting for your domain at your domain name registrar. more

designing for scalability and flexibility

Any ip address can be pointed to by multiple dns names. All modern web server can be configured to accept multiple host headers, or even no host header at all. When designing a web site with high traffic potential it is worth incorporating these facts into the initial design. more

content distribution service networks and geolocation

Delivering content from multiple well located servers means the best performance for your users. Whether inhouse or outsourced, geolocation is a critical element of a global load balancing service. more

dns and server failover

Specialised dns services combined with server health monitoring is an excellent means of maintaining high levels of perceived service availability. more

authoritative dns server software

The number of publicly available production quality authoritative dns server software packages is limited. Load balancing and geolocation are not available as standard supported features. more

faster dns propagation

There is no need to wait days for dns changes to propagate. Four factors control the propagation timeline. Proper planning promotes very rapid propagation under the right circumstances. more

high availability for mail servers

The availability of smtp, pop and imap servers can be enhanced by load balancing. Mail exchanger records can be combined with geolocation to promote desired usage patterns. more

anti-spam geolocation for spam control

Geolocation for spam control may be the next step mail administrators can take to control spam. more

automated maintenance notices

Keeping the user informed when all else has failed is an absolute must to minimise user attrition. The user will still need to return at a later time, but is at least reassured that the site is still actively maintained. more

geolocation for marketers

Geolocation is interesting to marketers in three ways. Visitor delivery, content delivery and visitor analysis can all be improved with geolocation. This article focuses on geolocation as applied to visitor delivery and content delivery. more

geolocation, geoip, geodns ..... all the same thing

geolocation, geoip, geodns are all words for the same thing. The industry and it's observers have not yet settled on any standard term. more